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Highland Hospitals and Charities

Until 1948, hospital medicine was run by charities or by local authorities. Highland local authorities confined their efforts to infectious diseases hospitals and poorhouses so that everyone requiring other hospital treatment had to rely on endowed or voluntary association hospitals. These required ongoing public support and many relied on local doctors only charging for expenses.


In 1948 these hospitals were all taken over by the NHS whose founders had dreamt of a comprehensive medical service, free to all. It was quickly realised that the medical needs of society were potentially endless and charities continued to play an important role in providing ancillary services.   


Today, charities continue to play a substantial role in health care, as in other walks of life.   Just like their equivalents in the past, they rely on the ongoing generosity of the general public to continue on existence and the enthusiasm of their members to ensure that the public are kept aware of the ongoing need. Details of local Highland Health Charities can be found in the  links menu.


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