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Inverness Hospitals Bibliography

The main sources of information on Inverness hospitals are in Highland Council and NHS Highland archives both of which are managed by the Highland Archive Service.   Those sources are not included in the following list.

Highland Archives and/or Inverness Reference Library may also hold copies of the books below.  Many out of print books can be found on line for example at archives.org

General Sources

Burdett, Henry Burdett’s Hospitals and Charities (later Hospitals Year Book)  Central Bureau of Hospital Information  London. 

Most copies are available in the Mitchell Library, Glasgow.  Hospitals were surveyed annually but, if the hospital did not reply, the returns were sometimes carried forward to the following year making the statistics unreliable.

Day, JP Public Administration in Highlands & Islands 1917 

An excellent account of the inadequacy of central government measures in the governance of remote rural areas.  Out of print but a copy is available in Highland Archives.

Hamilton AJC Surgery in the Highlands & Islands Scottish Medical Journal June 1963

AJC had retired after a long career as a surgeon in Inverness and this is a comprehensive review of the changes he witnessed from the 1920s onwards.

D Hamilton Early History of the Highlands & Islands Medical Scheme Scottish Medical Journal 1979 Vol. 24 (1) p64-8

Fraser G History of Dermatology in the Highlands & Islands  Aberdeen Postgraduate Medical Bulletin, Vol. 21  1987

Hamilton D The Healers  History of Medicine  Edinburgh 1981
Mackay, Sheila (Ed) Inverness Our Story  Inverness  2004 & 2006

Oral history thematic accounts with interesting and useful information.  Not all accounts are clearly dated but an important social history resource.

McRae, M The Case for State Medical Services for the Poor. Highlands & Islands 1850  Royal College of Physicians  2008

Inverness (General)

MacDonald, J Medical History of Inverness 1919 in Transactions of the Inverness Scientific Society 1918 – 1925 Vol IX  Inverness Reference Library

An informative overview of the state of medicine in Inverness in 1919.  One of the few sources on the Citadel Hospital.

Inverness Burgh Directories 1873 - 1940s

The list is not complete but most can be found at http://archive.org

Craig Dunain (Inverness District Lunatic Asylum)

The Asylum minutes, reports and other records held by Highland Archive Service are extensive.

General Board of Control for Scotland – Annual Reports National Library of Scotland

The Board of Control inspected all psychiatric hospitals annually and produced a general report.  All are digitised and available on line.

Whittet, Martin and Macleod I Craig Dunain 1864 – 1964  Inverness 1964

A very informative booklet produced at the centenary of the hospital.  It is out of print but a copy is available at Highland Archives.

Philo, Chris  Scaling the Asylum -  Inverness District Lunatic Asylum   University of Glasgow 2002

Perspectives on life in a psychiatric hospital.

Parr H, Philo C and Burns N  That Awful Place was Home Scottish Geographical Journal 2003 Volume 119 Part 4 p341 – 360

The title is a quote from a former resident.  In the 19th and early 20th century the place was not thought to be awful.

Culduthel Hospital

There are no accounts of Culduthel Hopsital other than our own. 

Fraser G History of Dermatology in the Highlands & Islands  Aberdeen Postgrad. Medical Bulletin, Vol. 21  1987

Contains a comprehensive account of this relatively small part of the hospital's work.

Dunbar’s Hospital Inverness

Mitchell, A  Kirk Session Records of Inverness R Carruthers and Sons Inverness 1902

The Session ran Dunbar’s except between 1846 and 1861 when it was Inverness’s poorhouse. Out of print but a copy is in Highland Archives.

Wimberley, Captain  The Hospital of Inverness Northern Chronicle 1893

Mainly a detailed examination of the finances.  Copies are in Inverness Reference Library.

Pollit, AG  Historic Inverness Melven Press Perth 1980

A general history of Inverness. The section on Dunbar’s is excellent.

Nursing Homes

There are no accounts of Inverness nursing homes other than our own but there are interesting records of three in the National Records of Scotland.

Ida Merry Nursing Home         - Financial records c1926

Viewhill Nursing Home            - Company Papers

St. Margaret's Nursing Home   - Company papers and Department of Health papers

Raigmore Hospital

Browne, WG.  ‘Old’ Raigmore Hospital 1941 – 1985 A Fragment of History' Inverness 1988

William Browne was Consultant Oral Surgeon and retired around the same time as Old Raigmore was being rebuilt.  His very informative booklet is out of print but is available at Highland Archives.

Davidson, Andrew Chief MO Department of Health for Scotland  The Contribution of the Emergency Medical Services to Medicine and Surgery in Scotland Edinburgh Medical Journal Vol. XLIX  p553  1942

Background to the formation of Raigmore and other such hospitals in Scotland. 

Royal Northern Infirmary Inverness

Highland Archives holds a large amount of Infirmary records and the National Record of Scotland contain various papers giving details on the early history. 

Mackenzie, T.C.  History of a Scottish Voluntary Hospital  Inverness 1946

Mackenzie, T.C.  Further History of a Scottish Voluntary Hospital Inverness 1950

TC Mackenzie was chair of the RNI Management Board and wrote these detailed accounts based on the extensive records of the hospital up until it ceased having voluntary status. Neither are in print but are available in Inverness Reference Library

Knox, Dr The Royal Northern Infirmary  Aberdeen Medical Journal 1975

A succinct account of the hospital’s history written by a surgeon to the hospital. Available in Inverness Reference Library.

Farrell, S. Architectural Building Survey  Inverness Nov. 2002

The survey was completed before extensive rebuilding after all acute services were removed to Raigmore Hospital. A copy is in Inverness Reference Library.

Opening of New Northern Infirmary Official Programme 1930

In the 1920s, alone in Scotland, the Northern Infirmary raised considerable funds and made a major development at a time when finances generally were difficult.  The publication marked the occasion of its opening. A copy is in Highland Archives.


Government and Local Authority Materials

Apart from the first one below a copy of which can be found in Inverness Reference Library, all are on line through the National Library of Scotland.

Anderson, George  Report on Sanitary Conditions of the labouring classes in Inverness – report to Poor Law Commission  2nd April 1841

An excellent account of the living conditions of Inverness's poor.

Report of the Highland and Islands Medical Services Committee 1913  (Dewar Report)

This extensive survey of social conditions and access to medical aid (or lack of it) in the North of Scotland led to the the setting up of the Highlands and Islands Medical Service in 1914 - a predecessor of the NHS.

Hospital Services of Scotland 1920 National Insurance Health Commission

This survey around the end of World War 1 contains useful data. 

Report on Hospital Services (Mackenzie Report) Edinburgh  Scottish Board of Health 1926

Scotland's Hospitals were struggling to meet rising demand when this survey was undertaken.

Committee on Scottish Health Service (Cathcart Report)  1936

Scottish Hospitals Survey Report on Northern Region Edinburgh 1946

An extensive survey of the facilities of the region's hospitals carried out mainly before World War 2.  This report and the Cathcart Report above provided essential information for the setting up of the NHS.

General Medical Service in Highlands of Scotland (Birsay Report) 1967












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